The Viola d'amore Society of America was founded in 1977 in response to a growing interest in the viola d'amore, its music, its history and its place in contemporary musical life. Since the 1950s, interest in the viola d'amore has grown, with an increasing number of performers and performances; more published music of solo and chamber works for this instrument; the publication of scholarly works on or related to it; the inclusion of the viola d'amore as a legitimate course of study in college, university, conservatory and summer workshop curricula; and the construction of violas d'amore by luthiers. Early music has experienced a healthy revival, with the viola d'amore appearing more frequently in ensembles specializing in music of the Baroque and Classical periods, where players perform on restored instruments and use instruments intended by the composers.

Since its inception, the Viola d'amore Society of America has published two Newsletters every year. Each issue offers a relevant of and valuable information to viola d'amore players, such as articles by scholars in the field, location of newly-discovered viola d'amore music in libraries or collections, newly-published music, information about published books and articles related to the viola d'amore, news of concerts, notices of instruments and bows for sale by makers and private parties, and periodic International Viola d'amore Congresses.
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Viola d'amore Society of America
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